Why you need a Custom AI Chatbot Solution for your Healthcare Business

Why you need a Custom AI Chatbot Solution for your Healthcare Business

During the COVID-19 pandemic we saw many innovations in the healthcare market. WIth patients in uncertainty about their medical condition and sitting at home in quarantine, the hospitals had to devise innovative methods to provide their healthcare services to the patients. 

Among these innovations was the AI-powered chatbots that were deployed on the websites of hospitals. They used machine learning to answer questions of patients related to COVID-19. These projects were an absolute success and they guided the patients when they should go for a COVID-19 test. 

The bots deployed on the websites of hospitals were intelligent enough to understand the patients and answer their questions keeping their context in consideration. This was new in the field of healthcare and was appreciated everywhere. 

According to a healthcare technology report released by Accenture, the AI health market is expected to grow at a rate of 40% during 2021. Presently, AI powered chatbots are gearing up for making a solid mark on the healthcare industry. 

If you are worrying about the expenses of deploying AI chatbots to your healthcare business then consider the survey carried out by Crunchbase claiming that more than $800 million have been spent across approximately 14 startups in developing a health chatbot service.

AI chatbots are now being used to help patients with the initial diagnosis and also assisting doctors in using life-saving machines. Here are some ways a custom AI chatbot solution can benefit your healthcare business. 

Customer Service
Chatbots are now helping patients in website navigation, experts believe that these chatbots, in the future, will issue timely reminders, help refill prescription medicines and even schedule appointments.

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Health Tracking
AI chatbots can also offer great assistance to patients requiring regular healthcare support. Doctors can easily utilize bots for connecting them with patients. These chatbots offer detailed health conditions of the patients so doctors can easily track records of the patients. 

Mental Health
Different chatbots offer patients and doctors a humanized experience. It is so real at times that it feels like you are talking to a real individual. These bots can be excellent to medical practices specializing in psychological healthcare. These chatbots can offer the right support for patients suffering from mental health issues. 

Training Healthcare Specialists
Chatbots can be used to train healthcare specialists and also assist with onboarding new employees. This can easily be done with proper machine learning and a lot of paperwork is required in this regard. Healthcare companies can also utilize chatbots for the purpose of sending new files to new employees and automate other simple and time-consuming tasks.  

These were the uses of employing an AI chatbot solution for your healthcare business. We hope that you use innovative technology to upscale your medical practice and serve your customers better. If you need a custom chatbot solution you can contact Watsbot.io and they will make the perfect AI chatbot for your healthcare business

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