What is New Samsung’s Virtual Assistant All About?

What is New Samsung’s Virtual Assistant All About?

Samsung, the tech giant is apparently planning to launch a whole new virtual assistant. As per the reports, the upcoming Samsung’s virtual assistant will replace the current one i.e., Bixby. Lightfarm Studios, the visual art production house created a new 3D design, which went viral on social media as people are sharing pictures of Sam. The newest cosplay seems to be advanced and loaded with features.

Is Samsung’s Virtual Assistant the Better Replacement for Bixby?

The globally renowned smartphone company might be up to something that could turn out to be bad for Samsung’s presently running VR software. It is probably working on a new program that will take Bixby’s place in the future. The new Samsung’s virtual assistant will supposedly be the smart function that will work like other virtual applications. This could mean that Samsung will join the race with other tech companies in terms of possessing futuristic voice assistants. The reason is Sam’s 3D appearance that is quite appealing and appreciative, according to social media users. Aside from the users’ excitement and expectations, the company hasn’t confirmed or announced the arrival of any new virtual program.

What Makes Sam So Appealing For People?

Sam is basically a young animated girl with attractive aspects. It looks more like Disney’s fictional character. The 3D model will make the company a much stronger competitor of the other tech companies including Apple and Microsoft. Also, Samsung’s virtual assistant, Sam will compete with other VR programs like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana.

According to the visual art production house, the primary focus of the company was to make Sam an aesthetically presentable piece of tech. They paid extra attention to its appearance, particularly, on hair, clothes and, face.

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New Virtual Assistant Will Influence Samsung’s Worth Among Competitors

The new Samsung’s virtual assistant will turn out to be very important in terms of increasing the status of the company. Currently. The tech giant seems to be slow in progressing as far as its features are concerned. The competitors including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and some others have advanced VR programs that can perform tasks more efficiently than Samsung. For instance, Siri is quite impressive when it comes to entertaining users with whatever information present on the internet. It can talk to the users and handle user-desired operations quite well. Bixby on the other hand is lagging given its limiter operations. Also, some of the Samsung smartphones don’t even have this feature. The users use google assistant to overcome the absence of Bixby. If the tech giant successfully manages to create a virtual program like Sam, it would not only help the users to reconsider their smartphone preferences but also make the company a worthy competitor in the market. Also, since S-voice, the only update was Bixby. thus, an updated software will make Samsung’s flagships much more important ever.

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