Top 3 Night clubs & Dance Bar in Dubai

Top 3 Night clubs & Dance Bar in Dubai

Dubai is a metropolis known as the most modern region in the middle east. Here you can find many rich locals having huge sums of disposable income that they can spend on attractions and entertainment. The modernized emirate of the UAE has taken due steps to ensure that its inhabitants enjoy the best in everything. Be it shopping, sightseeing or spending time in nightclubs, you have everything here in Dubai. If you are looking for a night full of dance and music or a place to celebrate your latest achievement, you can try the night clubs in Dubai without having any second thoughts. So, if you are looking to party, here are 5 night clubs that you need to visit to dance the night away at the dance bar in Dubai

White Dubai

Now this night club in Dubai takes everything outdoors. Yeah, you read that right! The concept of outdoor clubbing was first introduced in Dubai by White Dubai. It is the sister concern of White Beirut and it is one of the oldest nightclubs in Dubai. Located at the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, this is the ultimate go-to party destination in the UAE. You can come here with your friends to steer your evening escapades in the party direction. This club offers you a night full of energy and you can enjoy dancing on the thumping music the entire night! The venue is also home to three distinct club nights namely, UNDRGROUND, URBN and PURE. Each of these have their distinct personality and promise a lot of fun. 

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Looking for a Russian-themed nightclub in Dubai? You can have it right at the city center. Muscovites is a Russian-themed night club in Dubai (مرقص دبي) that offers you the best dance bar in Dubai. Here the music never stops and the drinks are simply out of the world. The DJ here carves out an eclectic environment with music that attracts thousands of party lovers throughout Dubai. Muscovites hosts spectacular hip-hop performances and shows every day and you can count on this club to give you the best clubbing experience in Dubai. Ladies night in Dubai is the best at Muscovites.rom enjoying sheesha to sipping down some exotic drinks, you get everything here. If you get hungry, the night club offers some rare and exotic Russian cuisines that will take your taste buds on an adventure. 

OAK Dubai

OAK Dubai markets itself as ‘One Of A Kind’ which is also its tagline. It is located at multiple locations around the world and you can experience its outlets in Las Vegas, New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles. This night club is the epitome of New York City chic. It offers you an unrivalled nightlife experience in Dubai with great memories that you can take back home. It is visited by many prominent personalities of Dubai along with some Hollywood stars. The dancing experience is also very good and the DJ keeps the night alive with high quality music and trances. You can order from a vast menu of drinks and snacks. It is a must visit destination in Dubai.

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These were the top three night clubs and dance bar in Dubai that you need to visit to have a great time in the UAE. If you are there on a trip you must visit one of these to experience the nightlife in Dubai.

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