The Biggest Threat To The National Security Since The Cold War.

The Biggest Threat To The National Security Since The Cold War.

Espionage the biggest threat to the US.

Espionage is the practice of gathering confidential information (both state and trade secrets) without the permission of its owner. According to the definition, “Espionage is the act of obtaining, delivering, transmitting, disclosing or receiving information about national defense, with the intention of using the information to harm the State”. Unlike other forms of information gathering that take place over a long period of time, espionage is primarily concerned with accessing both the space where the information is stored and the people who know it. In the second case, the spies will try to extract the information from the authorized persons, with some trick.

Industrial, Corporate, Commercial, Economic Espionage

Leaving aside national secrets, espionage committed for commercial and economic purposes is called industrial, corporate, commercial or economic. It includes, among other things, the theft of trade secrets, bribery, extortion and the use of advanced electronic means of surveillance and interception. It is worth noting at this point that even a state can fall victim to such a form of espionage.
The importance of industrial espionage is so great that the former Commander-in-Chief of the French Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE-Direction generale de la securite exterieure) Pierre Marion had publicly stated: “Espionage is an important activity for France in order to remain pioneer in the international market and Technology. Of course it has been used against the USA. as well as other countries. “You have to remember that despite the fact that we are allies in defense, we are competitors in the economic field.”

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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has stated: “Economic espionage is now the biggest threat to national security since the Cold War.”
Specifically for China’s relationship, the US Financial and Security Review Committee – China (United States – China Economic & Security Review Commission) states in late 2007 that: “Chinese espionage is the biggest threat to US technology. and leads to the acquisition of critical information about China’s military and industrial empowerment. “It is imperative to control exports and take action against espionage, especially in cases of state-subsidized industrial espionage.”

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