5 Super-Easy Stain Removal Methods for Wool Rugs

5 Super-Easy Stain Removal Methods for Wool Rugs

Everybody loves to spend their investments on carpets. Well, why not? These durable floor decors are warm and suit any kind of architecture.

But, the never-ending chaos around it injects dirt, leaving them necessary to clean. The long-lasting cleaning chores are never fun and everyone is finding a way to escape!

What if we tell you that you can clean your rugs with super-easy techniques while avoiding these arduous cleaning chores?

Sounds amazing! Right?

Well, for these tactics you don’t need expensive detergents you only have to grab some household items and start cleaning!

So, let’s dive in and discover how you can clean your rugs without plunging into tortuous complications.

  1. White Vinegar: The Rapid Cleaner

White vinegar is known for its acidic cleaning power. This is so powerful that it can dissolve grease, stains of ketchup, tea, and dirt. Its near-magical power can also kill harmful bacteria.

3 simple steps to follow:

  1. Pour white vinegar on the stain so that it’s fully soaked
  2. Let it rest for five minutes
  3. Now, with the help of warm water rinse off the area

For more stubborn stains, repeat the process.

Surprising results 

After rinsing, the stain would vanish. On top of that, your beautiful rug would be left brighter and with clearer colors!

  1. Sprinkle Baking Soda

Baking soda’s deodorizing properties can do wonders! Different types of stains i.e., water-based (acidic), oil-based(greasy) stains or spills can be removed just with the help of baking soda.

This all-in-one dirt killer is could be used for different kinds of stains but the procedure varies as per the nature of the stain.

  • Follow these steps for water-based stains: 
  1. For these oil-free stains, sprinkle baking soda on the dirty area
  2. Spray warm water
  3. Leave for a few hours
  4. Now use a vacuum to pull out the dried baking sod
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Baking soda absorbs the water which has the power to cut through dirt particles. As soon as the water is absorbed it clutches down the stain. Hence, after vacuum your carpet would start shining.

  • Follow these steps for oil-based stains: 
  1. For these oil-based stains, take a newspaper or paper towels and start dabbing on the affected area to absorb the excess liquid
  2. Continue the bolting procedure for few minutes but keep in mind “no rubbing”
  3. Sprinkle baking Soda
  4. Don’t use water
  5. Now, let it sit overnight


The effectiveness of the results depends upon the amount of time period for which baking soda has been allowed to settle down. Well, after long hours of wait your carpet is back to life!

  1. Use Salt to Remove Mud or Footprints

You want easy-peasy techniques?

Of course, every day’s high traffic around your carpet is leaving mud all over its surface. And, cleaning every day requires a lot of effort, time and energy!

At this point, salt’s instant reaction can really help. Well, for that you only need to sprinkle salt on the greasy area with some water on it. Press it gently and leave for a few minutes.

Now, turn on your vacuum and see the magic!

  1. Rub on Some Shaving Cream 

Shaving cream can be used as an instant cleaner for stains or spills. However, only simple white shaving cream is recommended for cleaning a woolen rug because it is free from dyes and moisturizers. Still, a spot test on a small area of the rug should be conducted to avoid risk.

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Well, once you’re ready… follow these steps:

  1. Bolt out all the grease with the help of a newspaper or with a piece of clean cloth to absorb the liquid (DO NOT RUB)
  2. Grab a wet sponge and softly rub the stained area
  3. Cover the stained area with shaving cream (with maximum 1-inch thickness)
  4. Leave it for 15 minutes or until it completely dries off
  5. Now bolt the stained area again with sponge
  6. Renew Your Rugs Within 10 Minutes

Steaming rugs sounds crazy! But you won’t believe that this is one of the most effective procedures of deep cleaning your rugs. It’s a kind of smart-dry-clean.

You can grab the best steam cleaner from the market, or buy online, and start cleaning your rugs of any type i.e., steam cleaners really work wonders on any type of hand knotted rugs, such as handmade Oushak rugs.

No manpower is required, just simply turn the switch on and wait for the magic.

A steam cleaner is best for removing dirt from the core of the carpet fibers with water. Bonus point? The water is not left behind soaking your carpets, instead, the steamer absorbs all the water leaving fresh and dry carpet!

Even if you hate to spend hours and hours cleaning your rugs…

Even if you’re sick of the dry-cleaning budget…

Still, your rugs can shine like a full moon without investing long hours. With these amazing and low-cost procedures, you can clean your rugs just in few minutes!

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